Speech given at Dia De Muertos peace concert on November 1st

We are gathered here today on Dia De Muertos to remember those who have died at the hands of the US, and I think that what those who have died would want is the truth.

I’d like to say thank you to Mr. George W. Bush, for raising some valuable issues in his reasons for why we should attack Iraq.

Bush has said: We must stop dictators who hold power through false elections and who have no regard for the will of their people.

If this is true, I ask you Bush to please resign.

Bush has said: we must stop the spread of WMD’s.

If this is true, then I ask you to stop research into the Star Wars missle defense program, which violates the anti-ballistic missle treaty.

If this is true, then please stop research into mini nukes which violate the conprehensive teat ban treaty.

Bush has said: we must do something to stop nations which support terrorists.

If this is true, then please stop funding terror in Israel. Israel is currently the largest recipient of US foreign aid, receiving more than 3 billion a year, or 8 million dollars a day.

If this is true, then stop funding terror in colombia. Colombia will receive 600 million in aid from the US this year, despite the fact that the government is clearly linked with murderous paramilitary groups.

Bush has said: we must attack Iraq in order to make the US safe.

If this is true, then why did the CIA release a report the day before congress voted on the war which stated that Iraq was unlikely to comitt terrorists attacks against the US, unless we start a war with them.

So, the reasons Bush has given for the war are in valid and hypocritical. The people of the US know that this war is unjust, and immoral. We do not share Madeline albright’s opinion that the murder of half a million children under 5 in Iraq is “worth it”.

Bush says that America must speak with one voice. The corporations and the government of the US speak with one voice, but we speak with millions of voices.

You may ask yourself, what can you do about this? I implore you to please get informed and get involved. Pick up a book and read about the issues. The government and the corporations do not want you to get involved and rain on all the fun they’re having. Expose yourself to some ideas outside of the corporate controlled environment. Come to meetings and talk to people about the issues. Sign up for our mailing list, read the pamphlets, help us to organize and plan.

Some political scientists have said that this peace movement is the first time in history that a population has protested a war before it has begun, and thats because we know the truth. We know that the war is unjust. We are at a critical point in history where we must stand up and tell the elite that they can’t get away with it!

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