Justice for Fridoon Nehad: True State of the City

As the mayor, City Council, Police brass, and hundreds of San Diego’s movers and shakers assemble to listen to Mayor Falconer declare the wonders of his administration during the “State of the City” speech, we will gather for a reality check.

Join us at a public event and rally to highlight the unjust killing of Fridoon Nehad.

Information about the event

  • WHO: Community organizations and “Justice for Fridoon Nehad” organizers.
  • WHAT: An Alternative ‘State of the City’ Press Conference and demonstration against the status quo.WHEN: Thurs, Jan. 14th at 5-6 pm prior to Mayor’s speech @ 6.
  • WHERE: In front of Balboa Theater, 868 Fourth Ave. @ E St, prior to the gala event.
  • WHY: We are outraged at Police shootings like that of Fridoon Nehad (See our specific Demands below*) and we want the administration of justice and sustainability for ALL San Diegans.

Details to read more about the causes

The brutal and unjustified killing of Fridoon Nehad is exemplary of what’s wrong with their San Diego. The killing of an innocent immigrant who had suffered the consequences of war, and who came here looking for peace and opportunity, typifies what many San Diegans are experiencing — the killing of their dreams, while being brutalized by the system around them. Fridoon was shot 30 seconds after Officer Browder arrived on the scene.

Like Fridoon, many San Diegans don’t feel like they have a chance to survive police encounters and could be victimized at any moment.While the city’s elite celebrate their progress and “living in paradise”, hundreds of thousands of us feel the crushing weight of economic inequality and marginalization.

We gather outside the Balboa Theater before the Mayor’s speech to testify to another reality, that of ordinary working people who toil in the tourist plantations, making millions for the owners, while living the indignity of poverty wages.

We ‘Fight for $15’ – raising the minimum wage, we fight for affordable housing, for quality education, for clean elections, for dignified employment, for people before profits, for a Community Review Board (to monitor police), for a peace economy, for accountable, publicly-owned utility companies, for a campaign to end homelessness, for youth opportunities, for social services for the disenfranchised and for a sustainable environment.

We want a new San Diego, new police ethics and new leadership of our city. Join us to transform the “old boys network” into a socially just city. Justice for Fridoon!


  • Fire and Indict officer Neal Browder, NOW!
  • The resignation of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, NOW! For her role in the cover-up of the evidence in the killing of Fridoon, her ‘Gang Injunction’ abuses and much more.
  • Full transparency and release of information on all Officer Related Shootings.
  • Place Women Occupy San Diego’s petition for a Community Review Board (to investigate police abuse) on the ballot.
  • Statements of accountability from Mayor Faulconer and City Councilmembers on Dumanis’ failure to indict Officer Browder, the release of the video and their reactions to the shooting.

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