Downloading your identity- Aadhar card download

Aadhar card is perhaps the most important and vital identification document for citizens of India. It is 12 digits unique identification number assigned to the citizens of India on the bases of biometric and demographics.

At present, Aadhar is the biggest biometric system in the world and it is often described by the analysis as the most sophisticated identification networks in the world.

The history of Aadhar card

The history of giving the citizens of India a legit identification goes back to 1999 after the Kargil war. During the aftermath of the Kargil war, the government of India decided to provide identification to the citizens who live along the borders for their won benefits. Later on, these ID cards were issued to all the people who live in border states.

Later during the Congress government in 2006, a bill was proposed in the parliament to give a unique identification to every citizen in the country. It was then a system was formulated to assign a unique identification to all the Indians. A lot of research was done in that subject and in 2009 they came up with the biometric system of identification.

Also, during the very time of passing the bill, the Supreme court of India made it clear that no citizen should be held against for the lack of having an Aadhar. Aadhar is a completely voluntary identification and any government either state of central should not have it against the citizens who are not willing to have an Aadhar. The voluntary rights of citizens should be protected and the system was build accordingly.

Advantages of Aadhar

Having an identification as a citizen of a particular country is a system that is very predominant in Western countries. In India, we somehow adopted it very late. But having a unique identification is very much advantageous for both the citizens and also the government of India. As of today, Aadhar is the biggest identification you need to be an Indian and also to avail any kind of benefits as a citizen of India.

It’s a known fact that India is growing bigger and bigger in terms of population. So it is a difficult task for the government to keep a check on every individual. Aadhar however, allows doing so. As we know Aadhar is based on biometric they are no ways to fake it. If you are voluntarily willing to have an Aadhar card then you will be issued a legit one. So this nullifies the possibility of faking an ID.

Also, Aadhar is very helpful for the government to access the data of the citizens of the nation in case of emergencies. This strengthens the security of our country.

The Aadhar controversy

No doubt Aadhar is a very sophisticated citizen identification ever in the world. However, certain controversies surround the Aadhar. One such thing is the lack of privacy. Being an identification based on biometric and demographic Aadhar certainly hands over every possible information of the citizens to the government. This information includes even the fingerprints of the people. This is said to be hijacking the privacy of the citizens of India.

And recently there are many rules to link Aadhar to every possible other identification you have. This makes the problem even bigger. During the time of passing the bill about Aadhar, the Supreme court of India made it clear to respect the privacy of the citizens.

However, this judgment leaves us on the moral high ground of the officials. Another disadvantage of this is the bulk storage of personal information of citizens. If there is a terrorist attack and could hack into the Aadhar server, chances are pretty high for leaking that information. Though the officials are taking very protective steps regarding the privacy of the citizens, it is a big risk to take.

Though the system is designed in the most sophisticated manner to prevent duplication, the legit method of obtaining an Aadhar is very easy. Even though the Aadharcan not be falsified, there is a chance to duplicate any other identity proof as a citizen of this country and can get an Aadhar without any problem.

Now, this kind of system is developed to avail Aadhar to the poorer class people without much effort. The basic idea of this simple process for making more number of people to volunteer for having an Aadhar. But this approach seems to be a bit reckless in terms of misusing the identity.
Another problem with Aadhar is its easy access to law enforcement in India. Now, it can not be denied that Aadhar helps in terms of solving crimes easily but complete access to law enforcement is a strict violation of the privacy rights of the citizens.

This has been a subject of debate since announcing the Aadhar. But the government failed to solve this problem. Also, linking Aadhar to everything like bank accounts, mobile numbers, etc is making the situation even worse. Linking Aadhar to mobile phones has been a very controversial decision made by the Aadhar community. The fact that the government has the surveillance of our mobiles, which are a very important thing in everyone’s life, seems a bit alarming in terms of privacy.

Conclusion of Aadhar card

Aadhar was introduced for the better purposes of people. But that doesn’t mean to cost the citizens their privacy. There aren’t any crimes or breach of privacy or misusing of one’s information had happened yet. But does not take away the possibility of something of that kind can happen.
The supreme court has made many laws to protect the privacy of the citizens of this nation and they are definitely been implemented by the government. But most of these laws are up to the morality of the government officials. Now, that’s a very big risk to take for a country with 1.3 billion population and is under constant tension with its neighbors and also a subject to various terrorist attacks. Perhaps, even strict laws should be brought to save the privacy of Indians.

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