All you need to know about Kavi Kumar Azad

We have come across so many talented actors who have entertained us for some time and are adorned for their performances over the years. These stars have been the main reason why people are glued to their television screens, and they are the one responsible for whom the small screen has got to the position of fame in recent times. 
We are about to discuss one such famous face who is unfortunately no more with us, but the time he has been active on the small screen, he has entertained us all with his performance and comic timing. We are taking about Kavi Kumar Azad, who was popularly known for his performance in the famous comedy series in SAB TV (Indian Television) Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma. He played Dr. Hansraj Hathi and became a very beloved character amongst people of all ages.     

About Kavi Kumar Azad

Not only for Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma, but Kavi Kumar Azad was also known to play some hilarious characters in the small screens. Little children especially loved him due to the innocent role he played and his smiling nature. However, before he got the breakthrough in Tarak Mehta at SAB TV, he was playing small roles in different channels.

The early life

The early life of Azad was not a smooth one, though. In a small town in Sasaram, in Bihar, in India on May 12th, 1972, he was born. At the time of his childhood, famous comedian Tuntun came to Sasarm, where she made her prediction that there will be a day when this kid is going to act on TV. Azad was so much fascinated with her words that he decided to take on acting profession seriously, and his will power eventually made him a successful TV actor. 

The family problem: On the other hand, Azad had to face family-related issues. His family were under some serious financial related strife and desired that he would be at their side during these challenging periods. But Kavi Kumar Azad always wanted to follow his passion and was reluctant to get involved in the family. This was the reason why he had to undergo severe circumstances with his own family.

The running away from house and struggle:  Finally, Azad decided that he will pursue his dream and decided to run away to Mumbai from his home for becoming an actor. Eventually, he did that, but he had no one to contact in this city, and none that he would knew previously. Hence, there were days when he spend his nights in footpath without having anything to eat.

The turnaround

Slowly but surely, he started to play small characters in a few Bollywood movies. He played some small characters in small films; however, they were not notable ones. His breakthrough, however, came, when was called in SAB TV’s Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma, with the role of Dr. Hathi. After this, Kavi Kumar Azad never looked back as he would reach fane in no time.

The physical stature

Azad was physically a huge figure. He had problems with weight ever since he was a child. His physical weight was over 200 kilos, (215 to be exact) which had him in a lot of trouble going forward. However, he started to work with effort in reducing his weight; eventually, he succeeded in losing around 80 kilos of weight, albeit through a surgical procedure. Towards the later stages in his life, the weight of Kavi Kumar Azad was 140 kilos with his height being five feet and four inches.

Salman Khan’s assistance

Reports say that during the weight loss surgery of Azad, very popular Bollywood actor paid the charges for the actor’s operation theatre and medical room stay. Salman and Azad only met for a short time, and he made the contributions for this treatment. This actor also runs a charitable foundation known as “Being Human” It was also heard that the doctor-in-charge did not charge a single penny from Azad for this surgery.

Career of Kavi Kumar Azad

With plenty of dreams in mind, Kavi Kumar Azad went on to play small roles in Bollywood movies. He acted in Aamir Khan starrer Mela in 2000, Fun2shh in 2003. However, there weren’t that many opportunities in movies as he quickly found out. Hence, he decided to change his course and turn to the small screen. He began his television career in Best of Luck Nikki playing the character of Jaanbaaz Jadugar, in Disney India Channel. But still, his struggle didn’t end as he continued like this in 2008. 

The turnaround in 2008: It was in the same year that he got a call from the team of production of Tarak Mehta, and his life changed since then. Once he met them, he was selected instantly and was offered to play Dr, Hathi, which he started to work in 2008 and were with them since 2018 for almost ten years.

Kavi Kumar Azad’s demise

He sadly left this world in July 2018, due to a massive cardiac arrest. He was only forty-six at the time of his death. On July 9th, despite poor health, he had to go for a meeting with the production team and cast of Tarak Mehta serial; however, he broke down on the sets itself and was taken to the Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai where he died.


Kumar Azad has left numerous memories for his fans to cherish even when he is not around. His performances on TV shows are something that will be remembered all the time. In Mumbai, he had owned a few food outlets where his fans would meet him.

As his name has ‘Kavi, he also used to write poems in his past time. Just some days before he died, the completion of 2500 episodes of “Tarak Mehta..” was celebrated with him along with the crew of the series. The Indian audience would surely be missing him.   

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